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제목 The 36th Korean Re Seminar held in Seoul

From 7 to 12 May 2017, Korean Re hosted the 36th Korean Re Reinsurance Management Seminar (Korean Re Seminar) at the head office in Seoul.
The Korean Re Seminar was launched in 1979 as a platform for information exchange and discussion on key issues in the global insurance industry. Since then, this annual event has been attended by more than 600 professionals from over 250 insurance companies, establishing itself as the most prestigious reinsurance seminar in Asia.

This year, a total of 21 attendees, mostly mid-level officers of 21 insurers around the world, showed great interest in what the seminar had to offer. Among the countries represented were Spain, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia
and Uzbekistan.

At the opening ceremony, CEO Jong-Gyu Won remarked, “Korean Re has made continuous efforts to provide a platform where insurance experts from around the world can build friendships and strengthen ties. We hope that this 36-year-old seminar will serve the purpose and encourage the participants to have a wide range of discussions on issues at hand in the reinsurance sector.”

During the seminar, Korean Re employees gave presentations on the company’s underwriting techniques and major developments in the Korean insurance market, as well as an analysis of large-loss events. Also, field trips to local industrial sites helped the participants gain a better understanding of underwriting practices that Korean Re had shared at the seminar.

Other programs included lectures and discussions on the latest issues such as alternative risk transfer (Cat Bond) and earthquake insurance, and a first-hand experience of Korean culture.


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