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제목 Foreign Exchange Reserves as of July 2018

In July 2018, Korea's foreign exchange reserves hit a record high of USD 402 billion, up USD 2 billion from a month earlier. It was the biggest monthly rise since January 2018 when there was an increase of USD 6.49 billion. The reserves have been increasing for the past five months in a row, backed by increased investment gains on foreign securities. Another driving force behind the increase has been a weak U.S. dollar, which boosted the USD value of foreign assets denominated in non-USD currencies.


About 93 percent of the country's foreign exchange reserves are securities worth USD 374.9 billion, with deposits and SDR1)s amounting to USD 17.27 billion and USD 3.55 billion respectively. As of the end of June 2018, Korea ranked ninth in the world in terms of the value of foreign exchange reserve holdings, following India (8th), Hong Kong (7th) and Russia (6th). China held the biggest foreign exchange reserves of USD 3,112.1 billion.


 Trends of Korea's Foreign Exchange Reserves *Individual figures may not add up to the total shown due to rounding. (Source: Bank of Korea)


Foreign Exchange Reserves by Jurisdiction (as of the end of June 2018)
(Source: Bank of Korea)


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