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제목 RBC Ratios of the Korean Insurance Industry as of September 2018

The average risk-based capital (RBC) ratio of the Korean insurance industry increased by 8.4 percentage points to 261.9 percent at the end of the third quarter of 2018 compared to three months earlier. The available capital was up 4.7 percent, amounting to KRW 130.3 trillion, thanks to positive net income results driven by improving investment gains. The required capital expanded by 1.4 percent to KRW 49.8 trillion as the capital requirements for credit and insurance risks increased in line with rises in net written premiums and assets under management.

Changes in RBC Ratios of the Korean Insurance Industry
*Individual figures may not add up to the total shown due to rounding.(Source: Financial Supervisory Service)

The RBC ratio of life insurers went up by 8.7 percentage points to 272 percent, while that of non-life insurers increased by 8 percentage points to 242.8 percent. The ratios remained far above the statutory minimum requirement of 100% under the Insurance Business Act.

Trends of RBC Ratios
(Source: Financial Supervisory Service)

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